Oh, It's The 90s.

Back in high school & college (and after...), I was a music magazine fiend. I subscribed to about 10 at a time and would spend a large percentage of my meager income buying imports of British music magazines/papers at the bookstore each month. So, not wanting all of that "effort" to go to waste, I decided to set up a Tumblr to share scans from the hundreds of music magazines (and some books) I still have sitting around, collecting dust in my very tiny NYC apartment.

Pics span the years 1991 - 1999 and include magazines such as Spin, Q, Select, Rolling Stone and more, as well as artists like Blur, Suede, Nirvana, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails...etc. and so on. (I was a bit of a British music obsessive, so pics of British bands might outnumber others. You have been warned.) Enjoy.

(I claim no ownership over any of these photos. Photos will be credited with the photographer when possible. If no name is mentioned, there was no credit given in the publication.) Also, even though I didn't take any of these photos myself (obviously), I'd appreciate it if you didn't steal these scans and claim them as your own on your Tumblr... especially if you aren't keeping the photographer credit.

Artist Index

Blur in 1990 from Select Magazine, 1993.

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